Cancer Resources Guide

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® assembled this comprehensive group of resources to help inform, educate and provide guidance to those affected by cancer. These organizations specialize in offering advice for preventing, treating and living with cancer. If you have any additional questions, you may contact one of our Oncology Information Specialists at 800-488-1094.


General Resources

Relevant for both patients and caregivers, the organizations described on this page offer a wide range of cancer-related information, including: prevention, detection, treatment options, management of side effects, finding a doctor and clinical trials.

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Cancer-Specific Resources

Browse this page to find resources that are specific to particular types of cancers. The organizations listed may offer educational programs and services to all individuals with this cancer type or may be limited to specific groups of people.

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Financial / Insurance / Legal

Find national and government organizations designed to help cancer patients who need financial support or legal advice. Services may include co-payment assistance, prescription assistance, debt consolidation or cancer-related legal and workplace advice.

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The organizations on this page provide air or automobile transportation or air travel screening assistance to patients traveling to appointments for medical treatments or follow-up care.

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Search national organizations to find local support groups and mentoring programs as well as online support communities for anyone touched by any type of cancer.

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